Water Treatment and Filtration Solutions

You and your family deserve the highest quality water and expect it to be distributed at each faucet when needed.

Water Treatment Solutions

Each Heolay Water Solution product is designed to specifically treat the water quality issues that are unique to your home, bringing your family excellent water quality.


Water softeners significantly benefit a wide range of everyday activities, such as bathing, washing clothes, and doing the dishes. Also, they can avoid the need for costly repairs or the hasty replacement of plumbing and water-damaged appliances.


There is nothing more comfortable and pleasant than opening the tap in our house and taking a good sip of water. But this is not possible in many homes because the water does not have the recommended purity.


In this type of filter or treatment, the water flow is made to pass through an ultraviolet lamp so that a large part of the microorganisms and bacteria present in the water are eliminated.


It is an effective system for removing some components that cannot be removed by activated carbon, such as arsenic, fluorides, nitrates, and perchlorates.


If you suspect that water is not suitable for human consumption because it contains chemicals, oils, poisons, wastewater, or other contaminants, do not drink it. Do not drink water that is dark in color, has an odor, or contains solid particles.

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